The following is my Wryley tree:

Willian Wryley m Elizabeth Cave

Roger Wryley m Joan ?

Cornelius Wryley m Elizabeth Barton

Emma Wryley m Edmund Belcher

William Andrew Belcher m. Elizabeth Randes

Henry Belcher m. Mary Mitchell

William Thomas Belcher m. Tabitha Bartlett

Robert George Belcher m. Phebe Isham

John Belcher m. Elizabeth Frogley

Richard Belcher m. Mary Obedience Clay

Ann Belcher m. Peter Blankenship

Martha Elizabeth Blankenship m. John Miller, Jr.

Robert Crawford Miller m. Levina Louisa Burgess

Addison D. Miller m. Nancy Ann Salyers

Erastus Miller m. Emilene Davis

Craton Miller m. Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller m. Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter m. Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

William Wryley was born 1420 in Clerkenwell (Middlesex) England & died in Cracoll (Worcester) England. He married Elizabeth Cave who was born 1425 in England. There is 1 known child: Roger.

Roger Wryley was born 1450 in England & died 1510 in England. He married Joan ? There is 1 known child: Cornelius.

Cornelius Wryley was born 1485 in (Stafford) England & died in 1508. He married Elizabeth Barton (daughter of Thomas Barton & Elizabeth Browne) in 1508. Elizabeth was born 1489 in (Cumberland) England & died July 25, 1559 in Dacre (Cumberland) England. There is 1 known child: Emma.

Emma Wryley was born 1510 in Guilborough England & died in England. She married Edmund Belcher (son of John Belcher & Elizabeth Saunders) in 1529. Edmund was born 1506 in Guilborough England & died in Guilborough England. SEE BELCHER FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

This is the information I have on my Wryley line. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.