The following is my White family tree.

Robert WHite m Alice Lynhorne

John White m Alice Hungerford

Robert WHite m Margaret Gaynsford

Robert White II m Elizabeth Inglefield

THomas White m Anges Richard

Thomas WHite II m Tamesen ?

Richard White m Addra ?

Elizabeth White M John Meadows

Thomas Meadows m. Elizabeth Wood

Thomas Meadows, Jr. m. Ann Bourne

Francis Meadows, Sr. m. Mary Kesiah Bell

William Salon Meadows m. Sarah Davis

William S. Meadows m. Mary Howard

William S. Meadows, Jr. m. Sarah Holley

Caroline Virginia Meadows m. John Lewis Clagg

Malinda Meram Clagg m. James Monroe Holley

Noah Anderson Holley m. Beulah Florence Chaney

Melinda Ann Holley

(Sir) Robert White was born 1370 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England & died May 18, 1464 in Farnham (Surrey) England. He married (Lady) Alice Lynborne (daughter of Robert Lynborne) who was born 1373 in Leckford (Hampshire) England & died 1468 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England. There is 1 known child: John.

(Sir) John White was born 1422 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England & died 1462 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England. He married (Lady) Alice Hungerford (daughter of Robert Hungerford & Eleanor De Moleyns) who was born 1426 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England & died 1471 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England. There are 2 known children: Robert & Richard.

(Sir) Robert White was born 1454 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England & died August 4, 1513 in Warnborough (Hampshrie) England. He marred (Lady) Margaret Gaynsford (daughter of Sir Nicholas Gaynsford & Margaret Sydney) who was born 1440 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England & died 1475 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England. There are 2 knwon children: Margaret & Robert II.

(Sir) Robert White II was born 1475 in Swanbourne (Hampshire) England & died 1490 in England. He married ELizabeth Inglefield who was born in (Hampshire) England & died 1548 in (Somerset) England. There is 1 known child: Thomas.

Thomas White was born 1490 in Marriot (Somerset) England & died 1549 in (Somerset) England. He married Agnes Richads 1515 in (Somerset) England. Agnes was born 1495 in Aller (Somerset) England & died 1549 in (Somerset) England. There are 9 known children: William, George, Robert, John, Richard, Alice, Thomas II, Frances & Susan.

Thomas White II was born 1525 in Bingham (Nottingham) England & died October 14, 1579 in Sturton (Nottingham) England. He married Tamesen ? in Hill (Somerset) England. Tamesen was born 1526 in Hill (Somerset) England & died in England. There are 10 known children: Richard, Rose, Halliley, John, William, Alexander, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary & Catherine.

Richard White was born 1633 in England & died 1690 in (Rappahannock) VA. He married Addra ? 1658 in (Essex) VA. Addra was born 1637 in England & died 1700 in VA. There are 3 known children: Thomas, Elizabeth & John.

Elizabeth White was born 1660 in (Rappahannock) VA & died August 17, 1694 in (Essex) VA. She married John Meadows (son of Thomas Meadows & Sarah Hoskins) in July 1677. John was born 1658 in VA & died May 14, 1721 in (Essex) VA. SEE MEADOWS FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my White line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.