The following is my Stout tree:

Andrew Stout m Ann ?

David Stout m Mary Scott

John Stout m Elizabeth Bee

Richard Sout m Penelope Van Princis

James Stout m Elizabeth Truax

Penelope Stout m Samuel Packwood

Samuel Packwood, Jr. m. Elizabeth P. Turner

Richard Packwood m. Nancy Spaulding

Martha Packwood m. Johnson Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson m. James Harvey Carter

Lorenzo Dowell Carter m. Paulina Frasher

Melvin Shirley Carter m. Clara Alice Miller

Menifee Carter m. Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

Andrew Stout was born 1501 in (Aberdeen) Scotland & died 1576 in England. He married Ann ? 1522 in (Aberdeen) Scotland. Ann was born in 1514 & died in 1539. There is 1 known child: David.

David Stout was born 1539 in Scotland & died 1614 in England. He married Mary Scott who was born 1540 in Scotland & died 1616 in England. There are 2 knwon children: Richard & John.

Richard Stout was born 1567 in Scotland & died 1636 in (Northumberland) England. He married Rose Haddon 1587 in Scotland. Rose was born 1567 in Scotland & died 1637 in England. There is 1 known child: John.

John Stout was born in (Nottingham) England & died 1620 in (Nottingham) ENgland. He married Elizabeth Bee (daughter of William Bee & Anne Hay) on November 13, 1609 in (Nottingham) England. Elizabeth was born 1590 in (Nottingham) ENgland & died 1685 in London (Middlesex) England. There are 8 known children: John II, Johathan, Faith, Richard, Robert, Frances, Hope & Penelope.

Richard Stout was born 1615 in (Nottingham) England & died November 23, 1705 in Middleton (Monmouth) NJ. He married Penelope Van Princis 1644 in Queens NY. Penelope was born 1622 in Noord (Brabant) Netherlands & died in Cape May NJ. There are 9 known children: John, RIchard II, James, Mary, Alice, Peter, Sarah Elizabeth, Jonathan & David.

James Stout was born in 1648 & died 1714 in Amwell NJ. He married Elizabeth Truax (daughter of Jacob Du Trieux & Lysbeth Post) in Middleton (Monmouth) NJ. Elizabeth died November 15, 1718 in New Castle (New Castle) DE. There are 7 known children: Elizabeth, Joseph, Mercy, Ann, Penelope, Benjamin & James, Jr.

Penelope Stout was born in 1700 & died 1725 in (Patrick) VA. She married Samuel Packwood. SEE PACKWOOD LINE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

This is the information I have on my Stout line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.