The following is my Sloman family tree:

Nicholas Sloman

John Sloman m Elizabeth Nixon

Sloman II m Katherine Eppes

Mary Frances Sloman m Robert Wynne

Joshua Wynne m Mary Jones

Peter Wynne m Frances Anderson

Mary Wynne m Richard Stone

Phoebe Stone m. Minor Wilkes, Sr.

Minor Wilkes, Jr. m. Phebe White

Emality “Lettie” Wilkes m. Benjamin Harrison Wallace

Amanda A. Wallace m. Joseph Holley

James Monroe Holley m. Malinda Meram Clagg

Noah Anderson Holley m. Beulah Florence Chaney

Melinda Ann Holley

Nicholas Sloman was born 1540 in Rotherford (Suffolk) England & died 1605 in England. His wife is unknown. There is 1 known child: John.

John Sloman was born 1567 in Rotherford (Suffolk) England & died 1660 in (Somerset) England. He married Elizabeth Dixon who was born 1570 in Kedington (Suffolk) England & died 1601 in London (Middlesex) England. There is 1 known child: John II. Elizabeth's 2nd husband was John Kinge who was born 1568 in Wiveton (Norfolk) England & died 1598 in Wiveton (Norfolk) England.

John Sloman II was born October 1, 1600 in Ashford (Kent) England & died May 8, 1658 in (Charles City) Virginia. He married Katherine Eppes (daughter of John Epes & Thomasina Fisher) on May 24, 1615 in Ashford (Kent) England. Katherine was born 1588 in Ashford (Kent) England & died 1660 in (Charles City) Virginia. There is 1 known child: Mary Frances.

Mary Frances Sloman was born 1624 in London (Middlesex) England & died 1678 in (Charles City) Virginia. Mary's 1st husband was Francis Poythness. There are 2 known children: John & Mary. Mary's 2nd husband was (Col) Robert Wynne (son of Peter Wynne & Mary Coppin) whom she married in Canterbury (Kent) England. Robert was born December 28, 1622 in Canterbury (Kent) England & died August 15, 1687 in (Charles City) Virginia. SEE WYNNE FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is information on my Sloman line. If anyone has any information or inquiries, please contact me.