It was one of those perfect days that you look back on later and wish would happen more often. The sun didn't shine quite so brightly, and there was a nice refreshing breeze from the nearby bay. No one seemed upset or stressed so everyone wore a slight smile and was courteous to those around them. No one seemed to be rushed and seemed content to wait patiently for assistance, answers, or food.

Jim Ellison hated perfect days. A cynic by necessity, he firmly believed those so-called "perfect days" merely set you up for all kinds of nasty things in the weeks to follow. From the moment he opened his eyes that morning, he knew (just as sure as God made sour apples) this was going to be one of those "perfect days".


7:02 am

"Man, it is GORGEOUS out there." Blair Sandburg widely grinned as he rinsed out his glass.

Jim's nostrils twitched from the scent of his partner's morning algae shake. He grunted as he poured a cup of coffee for himself.

"Hey, Jim. My classes are over at noon. Let's meet and eat outside today. At the park or something. Take advantage of this great weather." Blair unconsciously bounced up and down as he began stuffing papers, books, and God knew what else into his weathered backpack. He took Jim's grunt as a "yes" and grinned. "Okay, I'll meet you at the station just as soon as I can, and we'll head over to the park." He shouldered the backpack and laughed out loud. "Oh, man. This is going to be a PERFECT day."

Jim suddenly froze then whirled around just in time to see the front door closing. He groaned and leaned against the refrigerator. "God, no, not a perfect day. Dammit, I think I'm going back to bed."


8:17 am

"Good morning, everyone." Simon Banks happily smiled at the activity in the bullpen.

"Good morning, Simon," Rhonda looked up from her desk and gave him a cheery smile. "Here are the reports from last night's calls."

Simon smiled even wider at the thin folder placed in his hand. "A quiet night, hmmm?"

"Seems that way," Rhonda impishly grinned in return.

Simon tucked the folder under his arm and headed for his office. He briefly stopped at Jim's desk, suddenly realizing Ellison was the only person in the room not smiling. "Having a bad morning, Jim?"

"Of course not, sir," Jim smoothly replied. "It's a perfect day, isn't it?"

"That it is," Simon happily sighed. "That it is."

"Enjoy it, sir," Jim calmly advised as he returned his attention to the thick folder opened on his desk.

"I believe I shall," Simon laughed.

'Yeah, laugh it up. A perfect day today means a hellacious next couple of weeks.' Jim quietly sighed and sent up a silent prayer that his partner was staying out of trouble.


9:59 am

Everyone in Major Crimes got their first choice from the donut cart. Joel remarked he couldn't remember that ever happening before. Jim inwardly cringed and decided to thoroughly enjoy the chocolate covered cream-filled donut resting on his desk. He knew he wouldn't have another for a long time.


10:32 am

An unexpected glitch in the computer system was fixed within fifteen minutes. The technician from the city's computer support department just happened to be in the building servicing a computer problem in Robbery. The young man apologized for the glitch.

Jim eyed his computer monitor with the same concern as he had eyed predators in the Peruvian jungle. He made a quick decision to print everything he'd entered into the computer for the last week.


11:09 am

"Hey, Jim! My class got canceled so I'm coming over early. We're still on for lunch in the park, right?" Blair turned his face towards the sun, soaking in the unseasonal sunshine.

"Yeah, sure, Sandburg." Jim absently replied as he tried to stack more paper into the printer. "Wait a minute. You're coming now?"

"Yes, Jim," Blair patiently repeated. "I should be there in a few minutes. I'm heading for my car right now."

"Be careful," Jim quickly urged.

"Always am, my man." Blair disconnected before Jim could reply.

Jim took a deep breath to calm himself. He waited by the printer for the rest of his reports while simultaneously throwing out his hearing to monitor the transmissions in Dispatch.


12:14 pm

"Man, I am in SUCH a good mood, I'm not even going to harp on the junk you usually eat," Blair grinned. "So get whatever you want." He spread his arms wide in invitation.

Jim eyed the many vendors in the park before settling on one hot dog vendor. Mouth watering, he quickly headed in that direction.

"Man, I KNEW…." Blair good-naturedly grumbled. He stopped at a vendor offering Greek delicacies wrapped in pita bread. Cradling his lunch in one hand, he gripped two bottles of water in the other. Cautiously approaching the hot dog vendor, he elaborately shivered.

Two hot dogs. Each with a steamed bun and greasy sauce. Each with a massive weiner containing things Blair didn't want to even THINK about. Each weiner dipped in dark mustard. Each topped with mounds of sauerkraut.

Jim deeply breathed the aromas then followed Blair to a nearby bench.

"Jim, are you…never mind. I said I wouldn't say a word." Blair elaborately shivered again.

"I'm getting mine while I can," Jim mysteriously replied. He closed his eyes in ecstacy as he bit into one of the hot dogs.

Blair sighed then leaned back against the bench. He relaxed, feeling the warm sunshine soak into his body. "Yeah. You SHOULD enjoy yourself on a perfect day."

Seconds later, he was pounding Jim's back. "Jim! Jim! You shouldn't have taken such a big bite!"