The following is my Marion family tree

Simon Marionneau m Jeanne Gobin

Gabriel m Louise D'Aubrey

Jean Marion m Perinne Bategnon

Benjamin Marion m Judith Balluet

Gabriel Marion m Esther Cordes

Isaac Marion m Judith Snow

Susannah Marion m Alexander Clagg

James Clagg m. Judith Watson

Joseph Clagg m. Nancy Perry

John Lewis Clagg m. Caroline Virginia Meadows

Malinda Meram Clagg m. James Monroe Holley

Noah Anderson Holley m. Beulah Florence Chaney

Melinda Ann Holley

Simon Marionneau was born 1600 in France & died 1640 in France. He married Jeanne Gobin (daughter of Jean Gobin & Anne Mignard) who was born March 20, 1595 in Aubigny-sur-Nere, France & died 1640 in France. There are 2 known children: Gabriel & Louise.

Gabriel Marion was born 1620 in Frnace & died 1650 in France. He married Louise D'Aubrey 1640 in France. Louise was born 1620 in Chaume, France & 1645 in France. There is 1 known child: Jean.

Jean Marion was born 1645 in Chaume, France & died June 3, 1679 in Bourgogne, France. He married Perine Bategnon in Bretagne, France. Perinne was born 1650 in Pennes, Bretagne, France & died 1710 in Chaume, France. There is 1 known child: Benjamin.

Benjamin Marion was born in Chaume, France & died January 13, 1734 in (Berkeley) SC. He married Judith Balluet (daughter of Jean Veillet & Marguerite Arnault) who was born March 27, 1671 in Chaume, France & died in (Berkeley) SC. There are 10 known children: Mary, Anne, Esther, Gabriel, Elizabeth, Benjamin II, Paul, John, Peter & Judith.

Gabriel Marion was born 1691 in Goose Creek (Berkeley) SC & died 1750 in St. Johns (Berkeley) SC. He married Esther Cordes (daughter of Anthony Cordes & Esther Balluet) 1714 in (Berkeley) SC. Esther was born 1695 in (Berkeley) SC & died October 7, 1757. There are 7 known children: Esther, Benjamin, Gabriel Jr., Esther, Isaac, Job & Francis. Francis was the American Revolutionary General known as "The Swamp Fox".

Isaac Marion was born 1730 in St. John (Berkeley) SC & died May 31, 1781 in Georgetown (Georgetown) SC. He was married 4 times. Isaac's 1st wife was Judith Snow. There are 7 known children: Isaac Jr., Susannah, Judith, Sybil, Sally, Ebenezer & Rebecca. Isaac's 2nd wife was Rebecca Allston. Isaac's 3rd wife was Perrine Dutally. Isaac's 4th wife was Elizabeth Gaillard.

Susannah Marion was born in 1746 & died 1823 in (Botetourt) VA. She married Alexander Clagg in 1774. SEE CLAGG FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is information on my Marion line. If anybody has any information or inquiries, please contact me.