The following is my Manning tree:

Simon Manning

Stephen Manning

William Manning m Johanna De Chyrfold

SImon Manning m Katherine Chaucer

John Manning II m Juliana Brockhill

Hugh Manning m Margaret Brandon

John Manning m Alice Petley

George Manning m Joan Wallis

Phebe Manning m James Waters

Mary Waters m James Bloomfield

Ezekiel Bloomfield m Hope Fitzgerald

Rebecca Bloomfield m Charles Salyer

Zachariah Benjamin Salyer m Elizabeth Dunn

Isaiah Salyer m Mary Carty

Isaiah Salyer, Jr. m Nancy Carty

Nancy Ann Salyers m Addison D. Miller

Erastus Miller m Emilene Davis

Craton Miller m Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller m Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter m Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

Simon Manning was born 1215 in Codham (Kent) England. His wife is unknown. There are 3 known children: Stephen, Robert & Eylmer.

Stephen Manning was born 1250 in Codham (Kent) England & died 1310 in Codham (Kent) England. His wife is unknown. There are 2 known children: William & Robert.

William Manning was born 1290 in Codham (Kent) England & died 1342 in Codham (Kent) England at thea ge of 52. He married Johanna De Chyrfold in 1339 in Codham (Kent)England. He married Johanna De Chyrfold (daughter of Richard & Johanna De Chyrfold) who was born 1309 in Codham (Kent) England. There was 1 known child: Simon.

Simon Manning was born 1330 in Codham (Kent) England. He married Katherine Chaucher (daughter of John Chaucer & Agnes De Copton) in 1364 in London (Middlesex) England. Katherine was born 1346 in London (Middlesex) England. There was 1 known child: John.

John Manning was born 1365 in Codham (Kent) England & died in 1412. HE married Alice Walden (daughter of Geoffrey Walden & Phillipa De Roet) in 1401 in Codham (Kent) England. Alice was born 1375 in (Kent) England. There was 1 known child: John II.

John Manning II was born in 1405 & died in 1431. He married Juliana Brockhill (daughter of Richard Brockhill) who was born in 1409. There were 2 known children: Hugh & Catherine.

Hugh Manning was born 1432 in (Kent) England & died 1502 in (Kent) England. He married Margaret Brandon (daughter of William Brandon & Elizabeth Wingfield) in 1472 in Downe (Kent) England. Margaret was born 1450 in (Kent) England. There was 1 known child: John.

John Manning was born 1475 in (Kent) England & died May 10, 1542 in Downe (Kent) England. He was married 2 times. John's 1st wife was Alice Petley (daughter of John Petley & Christina Philpot) whom he married 1498 in Downe (Kent) England. There were 6 known children: Hugh, Henry, John II, RIchard, George, & Joan. John's 2nd wife was Thomasina Thady who was born in 1480. There was 1 known child of this marriage: Harry.

George Manning was born 1520 in (Kent) England & died May 8, 1582 in (Kent) England. He married Joan Wallis (daughter of Richard Wallys - Richard was the son of William Wallys II & Catherine Manning ), a cousin through the Manning line, on August 23, 1543 in (Kent) England. Joan was born 1524 in Downe (Kent) England & died June 5, 1582 in Downe (Kent) England. There were 15 known children: Phebe, Joane, Katheine, Humphrey, Rose, Peter, Elizabeth, John, Nicholas, Dorothy, THomas, Phebe, William, George II, & Henry.

Phebe Manning was born 1566 in Downe (Kent) England & died 1642 in Salem (Essex) MA. She married James Waters in 1596. SEE WATERS FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my Manning line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.