The following is my Heilson family tree:

Christopher Helsdown m Margaret Alblaster

Herbert Helsdown m Elizabeth Catt

Christopher Helsdon m Alice

John Helsdon m Margaret Elseden

Anne Heilson m Thomas Blossom

Elizabeth Blossom m Edward FitzRandolph II

Hope FitzRandolph m Ezekiel Bloomfield

Rebecca Bloomfield m Charles Salyer

Zachariah Benjamin Salyer & Elizabeth Dunn

Isaiah Salyer & Mary Carty

Isaiah Salyer, Jr. & Nancy Carty

Nancy Ann Salyers & Addison D. Miller

Erastus Miller & Emilene Davis

Craton Miller & Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller & Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter & Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

Christopher Helsdown wa sborn 1490 in England. He married Margaret Alblaster who died in 1521. There are 2 known children: Herbert & Jane.

Herbert Helsdown was born November 17, 1515 in Sussex, England & died 1598 in Sussex, England. He married Elizabeth Catt (daughter of James Catt & Mary Drury) 1536 in Sussex, England. Elizabeth was born September 25, 1518 in Ore, Sussex, England & died 1576 in Sussex, England. THere are 5 known children: Alan, Elizabeth, Margaret, Christopher & Alan.

Christopher Helsdon was born 1552 in Cambridgeshire, England & died January 19, 1598 in Cambridge, Cambridge, England. He married Alice who was born 1550 in England & died in Cambridgeshire, England. There are 3 known children: John, William & Alice.

John Helsdon was born 1568 in Cambridgeshire, England & died November 13, 1637 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. He married Margaret Elseden who was born 1563 in Somerset, England & died 1635 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. There is 1 known child: Anne. John & Margaret arrived in Plymouth Co., MA on May 29, 1629 on the 2nd voyage of "The Mayflower".

Anne Heilson was born 1584 in Cambridge, Cambridge, England & died in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA. She was married 2 times. Anne's 1st husband was Thomas Blossom (son of Peter & Annabel Blossom) November 10, 1605 in Cambridge, Cambridge, England. Thomas was born 1585 in Leyden, Holland, Netherlands & died of an infectious fever 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Thomas & Anne arrived in Plymouth Co., MA on May 29, 1629 on the 2nd voyage of "The Mayflower". Anne's 2nd husband was Henry Rowley. There are no known children. SEE BLOSSOM FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is all the information I have on my Heilson line. If anybody has any information or inquiries, please contact me.