The following is my Hamilton family tree:

William Hamilton m Ann Lumsden

Gilbert Hamilton m Mabel Randolph

Walter Hamilton m Mary Gordon

David Hamilton m Margaret Ross

David Hamilton II m Janet Keith

John Hamilton m Janet Douglas

James Hamilton m Janet Livingston

James Hamilton II m Mary Stewart

James Hamilton III m Janet Bethune

James Hamilton IV m Margaret Douglas

Claud Hamilton m Margaret Seton

Claud Hamilton II m Janet Orr

Mary Hamilton m Robert Alexander

James Alexander m Mary Maxwell

Jane Alexander m John McKnitt III

John McKnitt IV m Dorothy Wallace

Mary McKnitt m Adam Brevard

Jean Brevard m Hezekiah Sellards

Catherine Elizabeth Sellards m John Peter Borders

John Borders, Jr. m Jane Gincy Nelson

William B. Borders m Abigail Hannah Wheeler

Stephen F. Borders m Millie/Mollie Deboard

Colista Jane Borders m Craton Miller

Clara Alice Miller m Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter m Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

(Sir William Hamilton was born in Leicestershire, England & died 1240 in Blackball, Renfrew, Scotland. He married Ann Lumsden who died in 1221. There is 1 known child: Gilbert.

Gilbert Hamilton was born 1220 in Blackball, Renfrew, Scotland & died 1290 in Baldernock, Stirling, Scotland. He married Isabel Randolph (daughter of Thomas Randolph & Isabel Bruce) 1265 in Blackball, Renfrew, Scotland. Isabel was born 1245 in Blackball, Renfrew, Scotland & died 1295 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. There are 4 known children: Hugo, John, Walter & Sybil.

(Laird) Walter Hamilton was born 1274 in Baldernock, Stirling, Scotland & died 1346 in Lanrkshire, Scotland. He married Mary Gordon 1309 in Huntly, Aberdeen, Scotland. Mary was born 1294 in Berwickshire, Scotland & died 1376 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. There are 2 known children: David & John.

(Baron) David Hamilton was born 1310 in Lanarkshire, Scotland & died 1378 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. He married Margaret Ross (daughter of Hugh Ross & Matilda Bruce) who was born 1315 in Fearn, Ross, Scotland & died 1350 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. There are 6 known children: David II, John, Walter, Alan, Elizabeth & stillborn daughter.

David Hamilton II was born 1335 in Lanarkshire, Scotland & died November 1392 in Paisley, Lanark, Scotland. He married Janet Keith (daughter of William Keith & Margaret Fraser) who was born 1340 in Galston, Ayr, Scotland & died 1406 in Renfrew, Scotland. There are 7 known children: Elizabeth, William, Andrew, John, Janet, David III & George.

(Baron) James Hamilton was born 1389 in Lanarkshire, Scotland & died May 1441 in Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. He married Janet Livingston 1415 in Stirlingshire, Scotland. Janet was born 1390 in Callander, Stirling, Scotland & died 1457 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. There are 9 known children: James II, Alexander, Mariota, Walter, Agnes, Marjory, David, John & Gavin.

(Laird) James Hamilton II was born November 6, 1415 in Lanarkshire, Scotland & die don November 6, 1479. He married (Princess of Scots) Mary Stewart (daughter of (King James Stewart II of Scots & Mary Egmond (Mary of Guelders)) on February 4, 1474. There are 3 known children: Elizabeth, James III & Robert. Mary's 1st husband was (Earl of Arran) Thomas Boyd whom she married in 1466 & annulled in 1473 (w/2 children: Margaret & James).

(Earl of Arran) James Hamilton III was born in 1475 & died 1529 in West Lothian, Scotland. He was married 2 times. James' 1st wife was Elizabeth Home (daughter of (Laird) Alexander Home whom he married in 1490 & annulled in 1506. There were no known children. Elizabeth's 1st husband was Thomas Hay (son of (Laird) John Hay). James' 2nd wife was Janet Bethune (daughter of David Bethune). There are 3 known children: James IV, Helen & Janet. Janet's 1st husband was (Sir) Robert Livingstone who died November 9, 1513 at the Battle of Flodden in Northumberland, England. James Hamilton II became: Privy Counselor of Scotland (1485); Sheriff of Lanark (1489); Earl of Arran (1503); appointed Lt. General of Scotland (1503); Ambassador to France (1507); President of Regency Council for King James V (1517-1520); member of Regency Council for King James V (1522); Lt. of the South (1522).

(Earl of Arran/Duc De Chattelherault) James Hamilton IV was born 1516 in Bute, Scotland & died January 22, 1575 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. He married Margaret Douglas (daughter of (Earl of Morton) James Douglas & Catherine Stewart in 1532. There are 10 known children: James V, Anne, John, Jean, Barbara, Claud, Margaret, Gawain, Elizabeth & David. James Hamilton IV became: Earl of Arran (1529); Duc De Chattelherault (1543) & Regent of Scotland for Queen Mary of Scots (1542-1554)

(Laird of Paisley) Claud Hamilton was born June 9, 1543 in Lanarkshire, Scotland & died May 3, 1621 in Renfrewshire, Scotland. He married Margaret Seton (daughter of George Seton & Isabel Hamilton), a possible cousin through the Hamilton line, August 1, 1574 in West Lothian, Scotland. Margaret was born January 1, 1550 in East Lothian, Scotland & died February 10, 1616 in Stirling, Stirling, Scotland. There are 9 known children: James, Marion, John, Margaret, George, Henry, Claud II, Alexander & Frederick.

Claud Hamilton II was born 1587 in Renfrew, Renfrew, Scotland & died in Leinster, Dublin, Ireland. He married Janet Orr who was born 1590 in Renfrew, Renfrew, Scotland. There are 11 known chlidren: William, Alexander, Robert, Claud III, James, George, Mary, Margaret, Grizel, Janet & Sarah.

Mary Hamilton was born 1615 in Raphoe, Donegal, Ireland & died 1686 in Cecil Co., MD. She married Robert Alexander (son of John Alexander & Agnes Graham) 1630 in Raphoe, Donegal, Ireland. Robert was born 1610 in Stirling, Stirling, Scotland & died 1704 in County Tyrone, Ireland. SEE ALEXANDER FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is all the information I have on my Hamilton line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.