The following is my Godfredsdottir family tree:

Olaf Gudrodsen m Affrica

Godfred Olaffson m Findguala MacLochlainn

Aufrick Godfredsdottir m John De Courcy

Patrick De Courcy m Margery FitzStephen

Miles De Courcy m Annor O'Brien

David De Courcy m Joan Roche

Edmund De Courcy m Juliana O'Hurley

John De Courcy m Catherine Cogan

William Courcy m Margaret Peinnel

Catherine Courcy m John Bereham

Thomas Bereham m Isabella

Richard Bereham m Anne Busse

Nicholas Barham m Anne Craddock

John Barham m Thomasyn

Thomas Barham m Mildred Franklyn

Robert Barham m Susanna Sare

Robert Barham II m Katherine Filmer

Anne Barham m Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett m Henrietta Neal

Ann Bennett m John Bell

John Bell, Jr. m Hannah Jefferson

Mary Kesiah Bell m Francis Meadows

William Salon Meadows m Sarah Davis

William S. Meadows m Mary Howard

William S. Meadows, Jr. m Sarah Holley

Caroline Virginia Meadows m John Lewis Clagg

Malinda Meram Clagg m James Monroe Holley

Noah Anderson Holley m Beulah Florence Chaney

Melinda Ann Holley

Olaf Fudrodsen was born 1080 in Isle of Man, England & died June 29, 1153 in England. He was married 2 times. Olaf's 1st wife was Ingebiorg Hakonsdatter whom he married in 1116. Ingebiorg was born 1106 in Orkney, Scotland & died in Orkney, Scotland. There are 2 known children: Ragnhild & Gudrod. Olaf's 2nd wife was Affrica ? who was born 1128 in Carrick, Ayr, Scotland & died June 1204 in Isle of Man, England. There is 1 known child: Godfred.

Godfred Olafsson was born 1143 in Isle of Man, ENgland & died November 10, 1187 in Isle of Man, England. He married Findguala MacLochlainn 1160 in Isle of Man, England. Findguala was born 1140 in Ulster, Ireland & died 1180 in Isle of Man, England. There are 4 known children: Ragnald, Aufrick, Olav & Reginald.

Aufrick Godfredsdottir was born 1162 & died 1219 in County Down, Ireland. She married John De Courcy (son of William De Courcy & Juliana De Aquila) 1180 in Isle of Man, England. John was born 1148 in Stogursey, Somerset, England & died 1210 in Gaules, France. SEE DE COURCY FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is all the information I have on my Godfredsdottir line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.