The following is my Gerard tree:

Cosmus Di Gherardini m ?

Mathias Di Gherardini m ?

Otterus Di Gherardini m ?

Dominus Otho GEraldino m ?

Walter FitzOtho m Beatrice Gladys Verch Rhiwallon

Gerald FitzWalter DeWindsor m Nesta Verch Rhys

William FItzGerald DeWindsor m Katherine DeKinglsey

William FitzWilliam FitzGerald m ?

William Gerald m Emma ?

William Gerard II m Margaret ?

William Gerard III m Matilda DeGlasshowse

William Gerard IV m Joan DeBryn

Peter Gerard m Katherine ?

Thomas Gerard m Isabel Strangeways

John Gerard m Alice Boteler

Peter Gerard m Isabella Strangeways

Thomas Gerard m Dulcia Assheton

Peter Gerard m Margaret Stanley

Thomas Gerard m Margaret Trafford

Thomas Gerard II m Jane Legh

Katherine Gerard m William Torbock

Margaret TOrbock m Oliver Mainwaring

Mary Mainwaring m Benjamin Gill

Anna Maria Gill m James Neale

Henrietta Maria Neale m Richard Bennett

Ann Bennett m John Bell

John Bell, Jr. m Hannah Jefferson

Mary Kesiah Bell m Francis Meadows

William Salon Meadows m Sarah Davis

William S. Meadows m Mary Howard

William S. Meadows, Jr. m Sarah Holley

Caroline Virginia Meadows m John Lewis Clagg

Malinda Meram Clagg m James Monroe Holley

Noah Anderson Holley m Beulah Florence Chaney

Melinda Ann Holley

Cosmus DiGherardini (Duke of Florence) was born c. 950 in Florence, Italy (1 known child - Mathias)

Mathias DiGherardini was born c. 970 (1 known child - Otterus)

Otterus DiGherardini was born c. 990 (1 known child - Dominus Otho)

Dominus Otho Geraldino (Baron DeWindsor) was born in 1012 & died in 1057 (1 known child - Walter)

Walter FitzOtho (Castellan of Windsor) was born in 1032 in Windsor (Berkshire) England. He married Beatrice Gladys Verch Rhiwallon (b. 1040 in Powys, Wales). Walter died after 1100. There were 7 known children: William, Walter, Gerald, Maurice, Reinal, RObert, & Delicia.

Gerald FitzWalter DeWindsor was born in 1070 in Windsor (Berkshire) England. He married Nesta Verch Rhys (b. 1073 in Debeubarth, Wales) in 1100. Gerald died before 1136. There were 3 known children: WIlliam, Maurice, & Hadewise (Hawise).

William FitzGerald DeWindsor was born in 1100 in Carew Castle (Pembrokeshire) Wales. He was married 2 times. Wife #1 was Maria De Montgomery (1 child - Odo FitzWilliam). Wife #2 was Katherine DeKinglsey (b. 1134) with 1 known child: William FitzWilliam.

William FitzWilliam FitzGerald (Justice of Eyre) was born in 1160 in Eyre (Cheshire) England (1 known child - William).

William Gerald (Lord of Moiety) was born 1215 in Kinglsey (Cheshire) England. He married Emma ? (Heress of Kingsley) & died before 1260. There was 1 known child - William II.

William Gerard II was born 1235 in Kingsley (Cheshire) England. He married Margaret ? & died in 1310. There was 1 known child: WIlliam III.

William Gerard III was born 1275 in Kingsley (Cheshire) England. He married Matilda DeGlasshowse (daughter of Henry DeGlasshowse). William died before 1352. There was 1 known child - William IV.

William Gerard IV was born 1322 in Kingsley (Cheshire) England. He married Joan DeBryn (daughter of Peter DeBryn). There were 2 known children: Peter & Anne.

Peter Gerard was born 1335 in Lancashire, England. He married Katherine ? (B. 1335). Peter died before 1380. There were 2 known children: Thomas & John.

Thomas Gerard was born 1360 in Lancashire, England. He married Isabel Strangeways (b. 1364 in Lancashire England). Thomas died March 27, 1416 in Cheshire, England. There were 2 known children: Thomas II & John.

John Gerard was born 1386 in Lancashire, Engalnd. He married Alice Boteler in 1402. Alice was born 1385 in Lancashire England to John LeBoteler & Alice DePlumpton. She died before February 1441 in Cheshire, England. John died November 6, 1431. There were 2 known cihldren of this marriage: Constance & Peter.

Peter Gerard was born 1407 in Chorley (Lancashire) England. He married Isabella Strangeways (daughter of Thoomas Strangeways & Katherine Neville). Isabella was born 1415 in Northerallerton (Yorkshire) England & died after 1447. Peter died March 26, 1447 in Runcon (Cheshire) England. There were 2 known children: Thomas & Margaret.

Thomas Gerard was born July 15, 1431 in Lancaster, England. He was married 2 times. Wife #1 was Dulcia Assheton (daughter of Thomas Assheton & Elizabeth Byron). She was born 1433 in Lancashire England. There were 2 known children (Peter & Eleanor). Wife #2 was Cecily Foulshurst (daughter of Robert Foulshurst).

Peter Gerard was born 1460 in Bryn (Denbighshire) England. He married Margaret Stanley on August 21, 1481 in Bryn (Denbighshire) England. Margaret was born 1462 in Hooten (Cheshire) England & died June 19, 1492. She was the daughter of William Stanley & Margaret Bromley. Peter died June 20, 1494 in England. There were 6 known children: Alice, Isabel, Jean, Thomas, Jane, & Eleanor.

Thomas Gerard was born 1488 in Kingsley (Lancashire) England. He married Margaret Trafford (daughter of Edmund Trafford & Margaret Savage) in 1510. Margaret was born in 1490 & died May 10, 1540. Thomas was killed in battle on November 7, 1523 at Berwick, Scotland. There were 8 known children: Thomas II, William, James, Henry, Elizabeth, Pyers, Margaret, & Catherine.

Thomas Gerard II was born 1512 in Lancaster, England. He married Jane Legh (daughter of Peter Leigh II & Joan Gerard) before 1526. Jane was born 1512 & died 1575. Thomas died 1588 in Lancaster, England. There were 2 known children: Thomas III & Katherine.

Katherine Gerard was born in 1530. She married William Torbock. SEE TORBOCK FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my main Gerard line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.