"I don't know what god looks out for Sentinels who push their luck to the max but somebody's falling down on the job here!"

It was a measure of Blair Sandburg's irritation/aggravation/worry that he didn't remember Sentinels, no matter how wretchedly ill with a head cold, could still hear his mutterings.

Upstairs, Jim Ellison tried to decide if surviving his cold was worth the effort. Maybe a quick and merciful death... He peeked through half-closed eyes as Blair appeared with a tray of candles, bottles, and hot tea. "Sorry to be such a nuisance," he rasped.

"You're not a nuisance," Blair assured him. "You're just...grumpier than usual."

Jim blinked...then decided it wasn't worth the effort to argue.

"Here. Drink this." Blair opened a small cold bottle and handed it to his friend. Quirking an eyebrow, the young anthropologist grinned. "It's unsweetened pineapple juice. I even splurged and got Dole."

Jim winced then began drinking the juice. After two swallows, he shivered and thrust the half-empty bottle towards Blair. "God! That hurts!"

Blair patiently pushed the bottle back towards the Sentinel. "The first few swallows will. After that it'll coat your throat and make it a lot easier to swallow. Now drink."

Eying his partner with watered eyes, Jim slowly obeyed. Without complaint, he swallowed whatever Blair thrust at him then sank down beneath the heavy blankets. He barely caught the whiff of the scented candle as he rolled onto his side.

"That'll help you breathe," Blair quietly promised. "Eucalyptus. Don't try to force it into your lungs. Just breathe as easy as you can."

Nodding, Jim closed his eyes with a sigh. He gently smiled when Blair sat on the edge of the bed and began to soothingly rub his back. He remembered Blair telling him it was about friendship when he turned down the expedition to Borneo. Friendship was also taking care of each other...even when one of them was grumpy and sick as a dog.

Jim sighed as he began to breathe easier and deeper. Feeling sleep approaching, he smiled again. "Thanks, friend."