The following is my De Clare family tree:

Gerald FitzWalter m Nest ap Rhys

Maurice FitzGerald m Alice De Montgomery

Gerald FitzMaurice m Eva De Bermingham

Maurice FitzGerald m Juliana Cogan

Maurice FItzGerald II m Emmaline De Longespee

Juliana FitzMurice m Thomas De Clare

Maud De Clare m Robert De Clifford

Robert De Clifford II m Isabel Berkeley

Roger De Clifford m Maud De Beauchamp

James De Clifford m Margaret Hedley

Katherine De Clifford m Giles Burgge

Thomas Burges m Florence Darell

John Burges m Anne Hungerford

Edward Burges m Elizabeth Lancaster

Ellice Burges

Thomas Burgess m Honor Sisman

Thomas Burgess II m Elizabeth Pye

Daniel Burgess m. Catherine Stockdale

William Burgess m. Elizabeth Robins

Edward Burgess m. Sarah Chew

John Burgess m. Jane Macklefresh

William Burgess m. Susannah Garland

Edward Burgess m.Nancy Ann Francis

Levina Louisa Burgess m. Robert Crawford Miller

Addison D. Miller & Nancy Ann Salyers

Erastus Miller & Emilene Davis

Craton Miller & Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller & Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter & Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

(Earl of Pembroke) Gerald FitzWalter was born 1070 in Carew, Pembroke, Wales & died 1136 in Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales. He married (Princess of Wales) Nest ap Rhys 1090 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Nest was born 1073 in Llandyfeisant, Carmarthen, Wales & died 1163 in Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales. There are 12 known children: Hadewise, Agnes, Isabel, Maurice, William, Angharad, David, Margaret, Gwaladys, Henry, Robert & Gwindalin. Gerald was Constable of Pembroke Castle.

(Baron) Maurice FitzGerald was born 1100 in Berkshire, England & died September 1, 1176 in Wexford, Ireland. He married Alice De Montgomery (daughter of Arnulf De Montgomery & Lafracoth Ua Briain) in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Alice was born 1105 in Pembroke, Pembroke, Wales &died September 1, 1176 in Wexford, Ireland. There are 9 known children: Nesta, Walter, Isabel, Hugh, Maurice, Alexander, William, David & Gerald.

(Baron) Gerald FitzMaurice was born 1150 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. He married Eva De Bermingham (daughter of Robert De Bermingham) who was born 1150 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. There is 1 known child: Maurice.

(Baron) Maurice FitzGerald was born 1190 in Ireland & died May 20, 1257 in Ireland. He married Juliana Cogan 1210 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. Juliana was born 1195 in England & died 1257 in Ireland. There are 2 known children: Maurice II & Thomas. Maurice was Justiciar of Ireland.

(Sir) Maurice FitzGerald II was born 1228 in Kildare, Ireland & died December 10, 1286 in Ross, Clare, Ireland. He married Emmalie De Longspee (daughter of (Sir Knight) Stephen De Longespee & Emaline De Ridelsford) in Wexford, Wexford, Ireland. Emmaline was born 1232 in Sutton Castle, Northampton, England & died 1291 in Ulster, Ireland. There are 2 known children: Juliana & Amabel.

(Lady) Juliana FitzMaurice was born 1249 in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland & died September 24, 1300 in England. She married (Lord) Thomas De Clare (son of Richard De Clare & Maud De Lacy) 1275 in Essex, England. Thomas was born 1245 in Tonbridge, Kent, England & was killed in battle August 29, 1287 in Ireland. SEE DE CLARE FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is all the information I have on my De Clare lines. I have information on siblings thoughout the tree. If anybody has any information or inquiries, please contact me.