The following is my Field family tree:

John Field m Jane Amyas

Theophilius Field m Alice Playfere

James Field m Anne Rogers Clark

Peter Field m Judith Soane

Martha Field m John Archer

Mildred (Middy) Archer m Pierre Chastain II

Judith (Polly) Chastain m Joseph Carter, Jr.

John Carter m Frances Dupreist

David Carter m. Ann Deerfield

Thomas Carter m. Catherine Burton

James Harvey Carter m. Elizabeth Thompson

Lorenzo Dowell Carter m. Paulina Frasher

Melvin Shirley Carter m. Clara Alice Miller

Menifee Carter m. Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

(Sir) John Field was born in Ardsley, Yorkshire, England & died March 26, 1588 in London, Middlesex, England. He married Jane Amyas in Ardsley, Yorkshire, England. Jane was born in Kent, England & died August 30, 1609 in Ardsley, Yorkshire, England. There is 1 known child: Theophilius.

(Bishop) Theophilius Field was born November 22, 1575 in London, Middlesex, England & died June 2, 1636 in Herefordshire, England. He was married 2 times. Theophilius' 1st wife was Alice Playfere whom he married in 1598 in Cambridge, Cambridge, England. Alice was born 1574 in Cambridge, Cambridge, England & died July 26, 1636 in Hereford, Hereford, England. There are 4 known children: Theophilius II, William, John & James. Theophilius' 2nd wife was Elen Hutchinson who was born August 13, 1579 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England & died 1674 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Theophilius was educated (1592-1599) at Emmanuel College (Cambridge University). He was ordained as Bishop in 1635.

James Field was born 1604 in England & died in Henrico Co., VA. He married Anne Rogers Clark 1629 in Henrico Co., VA. Anne was born in 1608. There are 2 known children: James II & Peter. He arrived in Virginia in 1624 aboard "The Swan".

(Major) Peter Field was born 1647 in Henrico Co., VA & died July 24, 1707 in New Kent Co., VA. He married Judith Soane (daughter of Henry Soane & Judith Fuller) October 21, 1678 in Charles City Co., VA. Judith was born 1646 in Litlington, Sussex, England & died 1703 in Henrico Co., VA. There are 2 known children: Mary & Martha. Judith's 1st husband was Henry Randolph whom she married December 12, 1660 in Henrico Co., VA (w/3 children: Martha, Henry II & Judith). Henry was born November 27, 1622 in Little Houghton, Northampton, England & died 1671 in Henrico Co., VA.

Martha Field was born February 23, 1681 in Henrico Co., VA & died February 1776 in Henrico Co., VA. She married John Archer (son of George Archer & Mary Wood) in Henrico Co., VA. John was born 1677 in Henrico Co., VA & died 1718 in Varina, Henrico, VA. B>SEE ARCHER FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is all the information I have on my Field line. I have other information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.