The following is my d'Oilly tree:

Gilbert d'Oyly m Frances Berney

Nigel d'Oyly m Agnes De Amic

Robert d'Oilly m Edith Fitzforne

Edith d'Oilly m Gilbert Bassett

Thomas Bassett m Alice De Dunstanville

Thomas Bassett II m Phillipa Melbank

Alice Bassett m William De Burdet

Richard De Burdet m Maud Somery

William De Burdet m Isabella Odell

Hugh De Burdet m Annabelle TOuchet

Robert Burdet m Elizabeth Camville

Robert Burdet II m Elizabeth De Garshall

Robert Burdett III m Eleanor Veale

John Burdett m Margaret Fitton

Thomas Burdett m Joan Brome

Thomas Burdett II m Agnes Waldiffe

Richard Burdett m Joyce Montfort

Anne Burdett M Edward Conway

Edward Conway m Anne Burdett

John Conway m Catherine Verney

John Conway II m Helen Greville

Edwin Conway m Dorothy Tracy

Edwin Conway II m Martha Eltonhead

Edwin Conway III m Sarah Fleete

Sinah Ball m Daniel McCarty

Mary Carty m Isaiah Salyer

Nancy Carty m Isaiah Salyer, Jr.

Nancy Ann Salyers & Addison D. Miller

Erastus Miller & Emilene Davis

Craton Miller & Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller & Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter & Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

(Count) Gilbert d'Oyly was born 1014 in Ouilly, Normandy & died 1060 in France. He married (Countess) Frances Berney 1038 in Ouilly, Normandy. Frances was born 1008 in Basset, Aquitaine & died 1060 in England. There is 1 known child: Nigel.

(Baron) Nigel d'Oyly was born 1041 in Normandy & died September 1115 in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England. He married (Baroness) Agnes De Amic 1064 in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England. Agnes was born 1038 in Normandy & died in 1113. There are 4 known children: Robert, Foulk, Roger & Nigel II.

(Baron) Robert d'Oilly was born 1065 in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England & died 1142 in Abington Abbey, Berkshire, England. He married (Baroness) Edith Fitzforne (daughter of Forne Fitzsigulf) 1093 in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England. Edith was born 1072 in Greystoke, Cumberland, England & died 1152 in Oseney Abbey, Oxfordshire, England. There are 6 known children: Edith, Henry, Gilbert, Emma, Alice & Robert II. Edith was mistress to King Henry I. Robert was SHeriff of Berkshire & backed King Henry I's daughter, Empress Matilda, over King Stephen for the Crown.

Edith d'Oilly was born 1094 in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England & died 1165 in Wellingford, Oxfordshire, England. She married Gilbert Bassett (son of Ralph Bassett & Alice De Buci) 1113 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. Gilbert was born 1090 in Wellingford, Oxfordshire, England & died 1165 in Headington, Oxfordshire, England. SEE BASSETT FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is information my d'Oilly line. I have some information on some of the siblings as well. If anybody has any information or inquiries, please contact me.