The following is my De Riddell family tree:

William De Riddell m Hawise Peverell

WIlliam De Riddell II m Isabella Hanam

Isabella De Riddell m Alanus De Clavering

William De Clavering m Maud

Robert Clavering

John CLavering m Joan Heton

Robert De Claving m Elizabeth Callaly

Robert De Clavering II m Elizabeth

John Clavering m Joan Remis

Margaret Clavering m John Dale

Matthew Dale m Mary Chapman

Elizabeth Dale m Gregory Isham

Euseby Isham m Anne Borlase

William Isham m Mary Brett

Henry Isham m Katherine Banks

Phoebe Isham m Robert George Belcher

John Belcher m Elizabeth Frogley

Richard Belcher m Mary Obedience CLay

Ann Belcher m Peter Blankenship

Martha Blankenship m John Miller

Robert Crawford Miller m Levina Louisa Burgess

Addison D. Miller m Nancy Ann Salyers

Erastus Miller m Emilene Davis

Craton Miller m Colista Jane BOrders

Clara Alice Miller m Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter m Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

William De Riddell was born 1250 in Tilmouth, Northumberland, England & died in Scotland. He married Hawise Peverell who was born 1250 in Tilmouth Northumberland, England & died in Scotland. There is 1 known child: William II.

(Sir) William De Riddell II was born in Tilmouth, Northumberland, England & died 1332 in Turkey while on Crusade to the Holy Land. He married Isabella Hanam. There is 1 known child: Isabella.

(Lady) Isabella De Riddell was born 1283 in Tilmouth, Northumberland, England & died May 14, 1360 in Duddo, Northumberland, England. She married (Sir Knight) Alanus De Clavering (son of Robert Clavering & Margery La Zouche) 1303 in Tilmouth, Northumberland, England. Alanus was born 1279 in Essex, England & died on January 17, 1328. SEE CLAVERING FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my De Riddell line. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.