The following is my Clay tree:

Robert Claye m Emma Wood

John Claye

John Claye II

John Claye III

John Claye IV m Mary

John Claye V m Mary Onthank

John Claye VI m Mary Anne Coulton

John Thomas Claye m Anne Nichols

Charles Clay m Hannah Wilson

Henry Clay m Mary Mitchell

Mary Obedience Clay m Richard Belcher

Ann Belcher m. Peter Blankenship

Martha Elizabeth Blankenship m. John Miller, Jr.

Robert Crawford Miller m. Levina Louisa Burgess

Addison D. Miller m. Nancy Ann Salyers

Erastus Miller m. Emilene Davis

Craton Miller m. Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller m. Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter m. Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

Robert Claye was born 1375 in Derbyshire, England & died in Derbyshire, England. He married Emma Wood who was born 1375 in England. There is 1 known child: John.

(Sir Knight) John Claye was born 1395 in Derbyshire, England & died in Derbyshire, England. His wife is unknown. There is 1 known child: John II.

John Claye II was born 1417 in Derbyshire, England & died in Northamptonshire, England. His wife is unknown. There is 1 known child: John III.

(Sir Knight) John Claye III was born 1440 in Derby, Derbyshire, England & died 1532 in Derby, Derbyshire, England. His wife was unknown. There are 2 known children: John IV & Cecily. John was knighted by King Edward IV in 1471.

John Claye IV was born 1460 in Derbyshire, England & died 1532 in Derby, Derbyshire, England. He married Mary ? There is 1 known child: John V.

John Claye V was born 1510 in Gloucestershire, England & died in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England. He married Mary Onthank who died in 1558. There is 1 known child: John VI.

(Sir) John Claye VI was born November 27, 1558 in Gloucestershire, England & died May 16, 1632 in Monmouthsire, Wales. He married (Lady) Mary Anne Coulton (daughter of William Coulton) 1580 in London, Middlesex, England. Mary was born 1566 in England & died 1600 in England. There are 9 known children: Susanna, Penelope, RIchard, Henry, John Thomas, WIlliam, Charles, Theophilus & Mary. John was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1579.

(Capt) John Thomas Claye was born 1587 in Monmouthshire, Wales & died April 7, 1655 in Charles City Co., VA. He married Anne Nichols (daughter of John Nichols & Joan Goodwith) 1618 in London, Middlesex, England. Anne was born 1604 in Worcestershire, England & died 1638 in Jamestown, James City, VA. There are 8 known children: John, Elizabeth, Mary, Henry, Francis, William, Thomas & Charles.

(Capt/Dr) Charles Clay was born 1638 in Charles City Co., VA & died June 1, 1686 in Henrico Co., VA. He married Hannah Wilson (daughter of John Wilson II & Hannah James) 1663 in Henrico Co., VA. Hannah was born 1645 in Charles City Co., VA & died August 20, 1706 in Henrico Co., VA. There were 8 known children: Elizabeth, Mary, John, Thomas, Henry, Mary Hannah, Charles II, & Judith.

Henry Clay was born August 3, 1673 in Dale, Chesterfield, VA & died August 3, 1760 in Chesterfield Co., VA. He married Mary Mitchell (daughter of William Mitchell & Elizabeth Innes) 1708 in Henrico Co., VA. Mary was born in Swift Creek, Chesterfield, VA1 & died August 7, 1777 in Chesterfield Co., VA. There were 10 known children of this marriage: William Mitchell, Henry II, Mary Obedience, Martha, Amey, Charles, John, James, Thomas & Judith.

Mary Obedience Clay was born 1712 in VA & died 1770 in Chesterfield Co., VA. She married Richard D. Belcher (son of John Belcher & Elizabeth Frogley) 1730 in Henrico Co., VA. Richard was born 1710 in Henrico Co., VA & died October 1763 in Chesterfield Co., VA. SEE BELCHER FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my Clay line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.