The following is my Borders family tree:

Nicklaus (Claus) Bader m Barbara Boner

Christen Bader m Barbel Hadin

Hans Bader m Apollonia

Adam Bader m Barbara Schneider

Matthaus Bader m Katharina Kuppler

Matthaus Bader m Anna Marie Catharina Schneider

Johann Georg Bader m Salome Balterspergerin

John Peter Borders m Catherine Elizabeth Sellards/Sellers

John Borders, Jr. m Jane Gincy Nelson

William Borders m Abigail Hannah Wheeler

Stephen F. Borders m Millie Deboard

Colista Jane Borders m Craton Miller

Clara Alice Miller m Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter m Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

Nicklaus (Claus) Bader was born 1540 in Langenbruck, Basel, Switzerland & died 1593 in Switzerland. He married Barbara Boner May 16, 1658 in Langenbruck, Basel, Switzerland. Barbara was born 1552 in Switzerland & died in Switzerland. There are 9 known children: Elisabeth, Hans, Christen, Wolfgang, Martin, Anna, Gallus, Rudolf & Daniel.

Christen Bader was born June 30, 1577 in Langenbruck, Basel, Switzerland & died 1667 in Langenbruck, Basel, Switzerland. He married Barbel Hadin in 1600. There are 5 known children: Anna, Hans, Heinrich, Jacob & Martin.

Hans Bader was born July 20, 1606 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg & died January 14, 1683 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg. He married Apollonia ? in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg. Apollonia was born in 1610 & died March 11, 1679 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg. THere is 1 known child: Adam.

Adam Bader was born September 21, 1656 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg & died September 28, 1728 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg. He married Barbara Schneider February 11, 1679 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg & died August 20, 1724 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg. There is 1 known child: Matthaus.

Matthaus Bader was born 1680 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg & died June 3, 1769. He married Katharina Kuppler in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg. Katharina was born 1680 in Oeschingen, Wurttemburg. THere is 1 known child: Matthaus II.

Matthaus Bader II was born May 3, 1707 in Jettenburg, Wurttemburg & died November 16, 1783 in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. He was married 2 times. Matthaus' 1st wife was Anna Maria Catharina Schneider (daughter of Johan Jacob Schneider & Maria Magdalena Nischicker) who was born March 22, 1711 in Heilbronn, Wurttemburg & died 1757 in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA. There are 5 known children: Johann Georg, Hans Martin, Anna Margaretha, Mattaus III & Michael. His second wife was Magdalena Baltenspergerin. Matthaus Bader and family arrived in Philadelphia, PA in 1752 from Jettenburg, Wurttenberg.

Johann Georg Bader (son of Matthaus & Anna Marie Bader) was born July 1, 1733 in Hesse, Prussia, Germany. He married Salome Balterspergerin (daughter of Magdalena Balterspergerin) in 1759 in Lancaster Co., PA. Salome was born in Hesse, Prussia, Germany & was Johann's step-sister (mother Magdalena was the second wife of Johann's father, Matthaus). There were 9 children of this marriage (John Peter, Magdalen, Johann George, Johanna Elizabeth, Johann Peter, Michael, Mathias, Dorothea, & Henry).

John Peter Borders (son of Johann Georg Bader & Salome Balterspergerin) was born October 1760 in Lancaster Co., PA. He married Catherine Elizabeth Sellards (daughter of Hezekiah Sellards & Jean Brevard) in 1785 at the age of 25. Catherine was born 1764 in Walkers Gap (Bland Co.), VA & died 1833 in Georges Creek, KY at the age of 69 (married at the age of 21). There were 8 children of this marriage (MichaeL, Mary Elizabeth, Hezekiah, John Jr., Catherine, Archibald, Betty, & Jemima). He died 1815 in Levisa Fork (Johnson Co.)., KY.

John Borders, Jr. (son of John Peter Borders & Catherine Elizabeth Sellards) was born 1792 in Walker Station (Bland Co..), VA. He married Jane Gincy Nelson on June 13, 1813 in Floyd Co., KY at the age of 17. There were 3 children of this marriage (Lewis, WIlliam & Frances). John died March 13, 1876 in Georges Creek (Lawrence Co.), KY at the age of 83. He was a minister.

William Borders (son of John Borders, Jr. & Jane Gincy Nelson) was born July 25, 1825 in Lomansville (Lawrence Co.), KY. He married Abigail Hannah Wheeler (daughter of William Wheeler & Elizabeth Prince) on July 30, 1845 at the age of 20. Abigail was born August 5, 1824 & died September 24, 1898 in Ulysses, KY at the age of 74 (she was 20 at the time of her marriage). There were 9 children of this marriage Marion, John, Stephen F., Jemima, Wallace, Matilda, Emily Jane, Lavana, & Fannie). William died March 15, 1875 in Lawrence Co., KY at the age of 49.

Stephen F. Borders (son of William Borders & Abigail Hannah Wheeler) was born December 12, 1846 in Lowmansville (Lawrence Co.), KY. He married Millie Deboard (daughter of Jacob Deboard & Clarinda Clara Wheeler), a first cousin through the Wheeler line on January 29, 1868 in Lowmansville (Lawrence Co.), KY at the age of 21. Millie was born April 13, 1845 in Lawrence Co., KY & died February 15, 1924 in Middletown (Butler Co.), OH at the age of 78 (she was 22 at the time of her marriage). There were 9 children of this marriage (Marion S., John T., Clara Abagail, Colista Jane, William Harmon, Jacob Farmer, Henderson Lane, Charlie Florida, & Kelley Day). Stephen died October 27, 1905 in West Bend (Powell Co.), KY.

Colista Jane Borders (daughter of Stephen F. Borders & Millie Deboard married Craton Miller - SEE MILLER FILE FOR MORE INFORMATON ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my main Borders line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.