The following is my Beauclerc family tree.

William of Normandy m Matilda of Flanders

Henry of Normancy w/Edith Ansfride

Emma Beauclerc m Guy De Laval IV

Guy De Laval V m Emma Dunstanville

Guy De Laval VI m Havoise De Craon

Emma De Laval m Mathieu De Montmorency

Anne De Montmorency m Guillaume De La Guerche II

Jeanne De La Guerche m John De Beaumont

Richard Beaumont m Alice

Joan Beaumont m Bartholomew Davilliers

Isabella Davilliers m Robert Bacon

Isabel Bacon m Oliver Calthorpe

WIlliam Calthorpe m Eleanor Mauteby

John Balthorpe m Ann Wythe

Ada Calthorpe m Robert Brandon

William Brandon m Elizabeth Wingfield

Margaret Brandon m Hugh Manning

John Manning m Agnes Petley

George Manning m Joan Wallis

Phebe Manning m James Waters

Mary Waters m James Bloomfield

Ezekiel Bloomfield m Hope FitzRandolph

Rebecca BLoomfield m Charles Salyer

Zachariah Benjamin Salyer m Elizabeth Dunn

Isaiah Salyer m Mary Carty

Isaiah Salyer, Jr. m Nancy Carty

Nancy Ann Salyers m Addison D. Miller

Erastus Miller m Emilene Davis

Craton Miller m Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller m Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter m Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

(King of England/Duke of Normandy) William of Normandy was born October 14, 1024 in Falaise, Normandy & died September 9, 1087 in Rouen, Normandy. He married Matilda of FLanders in 1051. Matilda was born November 24, 1031 in Flanders & died November 2, 1083 in Caen, Normandy. There are 9 known children: Robert, Richard, William Rufus, Constance, Matilda, Adeliza, Cecilia, Adela & Henry.

(King of England) Henry of Normandy was born February 21, 1068 in Selby, Yorkshire, England & died December 1, 1135 in Angers, Maine. He was married 2 times and fathered many children with various mistresses. One mistress was Edith Ansfride who was born 1072 in Abingdon, Berkshire, England & died 1130 in Abingdon, Berkshire, England. There was 1 known child: Emma.

(Lady) Emma Beauclerc was born 1107 in France & died 1157 in France. She married (Siegneur) Guy De Laval IV (son of (Seigneur) Guy De Laval III & Denise De Mortaigne) in 1135. Guy was born 1100 in Mayenne & died 1146 in Mayenne. SEE DE LAVAL FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my Beauclerc line. I have some information on some of the siblings as well. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.