The following is my Ball tree:

William Ball m Alice Waltham

William Ball II m Hannah Atherold

Joseph Ball m Elizabteh Romney

James Ball m Mary Conway

Sinah Ball m Daniel McCarty

Mary Carty m Isaiah Salyer

Nancy Carty m Isaiah Salyer, Jr.

Nancy Ann Salyers & Addison D. Miller

Erastus Miller & Emilene Davis

Craton Miller & Colista Jane Borders

Clara Alice Miller & Melvin Shirley Carter

Menifee Carter & Betty Lee Holley

Melinda Ann Holley

William Ball was born 1573 in Wiltshire, England & died in 1648. He married Alice Waltham (daughter of Richard Wlatham) 1590 in Wiltshire, England. Alice was born 1573 in Wiltshire, England & died in 1622. There are 2 known children: Francis & William.

(Col) William Ball II was born 1615 in Berkshire, England & died 1680 in Virginia. He married Hannah Atherold (daughter of Thomas Atherold) July 2, 1638 in London, Middlesex, England. Hannah was born 1620 in London, Middlesex, England & died 1695 in Millenback, Lancaster, Virginia. There are 7 known children: Richard, William III, Edward, James, John, Joseph & Hannah. William served in the Virginia House of Burgesses (1670-1680).

(Col) Joseph Ball was born on May 24, 1649 & died July 11, 1711 in Lancaster Co., Virginia. He was married 2 times. Joseph's 1st wife was Elizabeth Romney whom he married 1675 in Virginia. Elizabeth was born 1649 in England. There are 4 known children: James, Joseph II, Esther & Anna. Joseph's 2nd wife was Mary Bennett whom he married 1707 in Virginia. Mary was born 1649 in England & died in 1720. There is 1 known child: Mary.

(Col) James Ball was born October 15, 1678 in Bewdley, Lancaster, Virginia & died October 13, 1754 in Lancaster Co., Virginia. He married Mary Conway (daughter of Edwin Conway & Sarah Fleete) whom hemarried April 16, 1707 in Bewdley, Lancaster, Virginia. Mary was born February 16, 1686 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Virginia & died September 15, 1730 in Lancaster, Lancaster, Virginia. There are 9 known children: Mary, Sarah, Eve, Jesse, James Jr., Edwin, John, Jeduthun & Sinah.

Sinah Ball was born February 14, 1727 in Lancaster Co., Virginia & died 1798 in Fairfax, Fairfax, Virginia. She married (Maj) Daniel McCarty (son of Dennis McCarty & Sarah Ball) 1748 in Virginia. Daniel was born 1725 in Popes Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia & died 1791 in Popes Creek, Westmoreland, Virginia. SEE CARTY FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is information this Ball line. If anybody has any information or inquiries, please contact me.