The following is my Argall family tree:

Geoffrey Argall m ?

John Argall m Sarah Large

John Argall II m Catharine Pullin

John Argall III m Emme Botcher

Thomas Argall m Margaret Tallakarne

Richard Argall m Mary Scott

Elizabeth Argall m Edward Filmer

Katherine Filmer m. Robert Barham II

Anne Barham m. Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett m Henrietta Neal

Ann Bennett m John Bell

John Bell, Jr. m. Hannah Jefferson

Mary Kesiah Bell m. Francis Meadows

William Salon Meadows m. Sarah Davis

William S. Meadows m. Mary Howard

William S. Meadows, Jr. m. Sarah Holley

Caroline Virginia Meadows m. John Lewis Clagg

Malinda Meram Clagg m. James Monroe Holley

Noah Anderson Holley m. Beulah Florence Chaney

Melinda Ann Carter/Holley

Geoffrey Argall was born 1396 in England & died in 1416. His wife is unknown. There is 1 known child: John.

John Argall was born 1416 in Leicestershire, England & died in England. He married Sarah Large 1433 in Higham, Kent, England. Sarah was born in 1420. There is 1 known child: John II.

John Argall II was born 1434 in Higham, Kent, England & died 1452 in England. He married Catharine Pullin in Higham, Kent, England. Catharine was born 1430 in England. There is 1 known child: John III.

John Argall III was born 1450 in Tregloseck, Cornwall, England & died 1521 in Lambeth, Surry, England. He married Emme Botcher 1499 in Lambeth, Surry, England. Emme was born 1465 in Lambeth, Surry, England & died 1522 in Lambeth, Surry, England. There was 1 known child: Thomas.

Thomas Argall was born 1500 in Lambeth, Surry, England & died August 15, 1563 in London, Middlesex, England. He was married 2 times. His first wife is unknown although there was 1 known child: Thomas II. Thomas' 2nd wife was Margaret Tallakarne (daughter of John Tallakarne & Jane Braye) whom he married in 1534. Margaret was born 1518 in Cambrose, Cornwall, Englan d& died 1592 in Walthamstow, Essex, England. There were 7 known children (Richard, Lawrence, John, Rowland, Anne, Gabriel, & Edmund). Margaret was born 1518 in Cambrose (Cornwall) England & died 1592 in Walthamstow (Essex) England. Thomas died August 15, 1563 in London (Middlesex) England. Margaret's 2nd husband was (Sir) Giles Allington whom she married on June 21, 1564.

Richard Argall was born 1536 in London, Middlesex, England & died 1588 in East Sutton, Kent, England. He was married 2 times. Richard's 1st wife was Joan Marten (daughter of Robert Marten) whom he married in 1554. She was born 1533 in England & died 1567 in England. There were no known children. Richard's 2nd wife was Mary Scott (daughter of (Sir) Reginald Scott & Mary Tuke) whom he married 1568 in Soughton, Kent, England. Mary was born 1533 in Scotts Hall, Kent, England & died 1605 in Maidstone, Kent, England. There were 11 known children: Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, Reginald, Richard II, John, Jane, Samuel, Catharine & Sara.

Elizabeth Argall was born 1570 in East Sutton, Kent, England & died August 9, 1639 in East Sutton, Kent, England. She married Edward Filmer (son of Robert Filmer & Frances Chester) whom she mraried in 1585. Edward was born January 17, 1565 in Little Charlton (Kent) England & died November 2, 1629 in East Sutton (Kent) England. SEE FILMER FILE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS LINE.

This is the information I have on my main Argall line. I have some information on siblings throughout the tree. If anyone has any information or inquires, please contact me.